Frequently asked questions

How do you position the pad in the pants?

Remove the backing paper and place pad firmly in pants. To protect against wetting accidents, ensure the wider end is facing forwards. To protect against soiling accidents ensure the wider end is facing the back of the pants. If your child has issues with wetting and soiling, you can use two pads, one facing forwards, one facing backwards with an overlap in the middle. It’s fine for the pad to slightly overlap the edges of the gusset, in order to provide best protection and comfort.

How much does it absorb?

The pad is designed to hold up to 60ml of liquid. An average two year old’s full bladder capacity is 90ml, therefore it will hold over half a full bladder capacity. Dry Like Me is a toilet training tool and is intended to be used to capture small accidents in-between regular visits to the toilet. It’s perfect for situations where the child is distracted or unable to find a toilet quickly enough.

Can the child feel it in their pants?

Dry Like Me have been designed so that its shape and size offer maximum comfort in children’s pants. The top sheet is very soft and the pad is thin. In studies, children found the pad comfortable and were not conscious of it while it was dry. When the pad is wet the increased weight is noticed by the child, helping them recognise that they’ve had an accident. This is a key reason behind Dry Like Me pads working so well.

Does the child feel wet?

Initially, as soon as the child has an accident, they will feel the wetness in the top sheet. After a few seconds the wetness is absorbed into the core and the top sheet feels dry again. This prevents any irritation or soreness that could be caused as a result of the urine staying in contact with the skin.

How and when do you stop using it?

The child is only aware of the pad when it is wet because it becomes heavier. Children are aware that they’re wearing their own pants, so the pad can be removed without the need for any explanation or behaviour change. Our trials show that accidents reduce quickly when our pad is used to aid toilet training. This will help you and your child move into own pants sooner.

Over 70% of the health professionals we surveyed would recommend Dry Like Me for children starting potty training.*

Does it work for poo?

Yes, the top sheet has been designed with small holes that help to trap the poo and pull it away from the body when the pants are removed. The pad easily absorbs liquid poo, and solid poo can be more easily dealt with.

At what stage is the child ready to use the pad?

We recommend you start using the pad when your child is gaining confidence around the house and able to identify they need the toilet, but not always able to get there fast enough! Our pad will not replace a nappy and you should be prepared for lots of full bladder accidents at this stage. Use two pads for extra protection (worn facing front and back). Our pad is ideal for ongoing toilet training when your child is going to the toilet regularly but having occasional accidents, when away from home, when toilets are hard to find quickly or when your child gets distracted.

Is it suitable for older children?

Older children often experience accidents for a variety of reasons, including if they’re starting school or are unwell. Dry Like Me has been successfully tested on older children. Older children will also see the benefits of having a tool they can easily use themselves to maintain independence and prevent embarrassment.

Can the pad be used at night?

Yes, during our trial parents used the pads at night when their child was waking up with a dry nappy most of the time. Many parents used two pads for extra protection and absorbency. Toilet training at night is often about confidence and fear of many sheet changes. We recommend using our pads in conjunction with protective bedding or bed mats, at least until you and your child are confident to move to the next stage.

What is the bag for?

The bag can be used to hygienically transport the pad and if there is no bin available, it can be used to dispose of the pad after use.

Does the pad help with odour control?

Yes, the construction of the pad and the super absorbent crystals help to control the odour of urine, and the barrier of the pad protects clothes from absorbing the odour of leaky poo.

Does it move about when the child is active?

The reverse side of the pad is fully adhesive to anchor it to the pants. The stiffness of the pad also helps keep it in place on active children. We have the designed the pad especially with active children in mind, and the solid air laid core is a feature that will not break down even on the most active children!

What do the tabs do?

The tabs make it easy and hygienic for parents and carers to easily remove the pad and replace with a new one. Children can also easily remove the pad themselves, which is important in their learning to be independent. Older children can use the pads completely independently. Remember to tell your child they can put the dirty pad in the plastic pouch or tied in a nappy sack for easy disposal. The pad must not be flushed down the toilet.

How do I dispose of the pad?

Like all such products the pad cannot be disposed of in the toilet. We recommend bagging and binning. The plastic pouch can be used if no other bags are available or we recommend packing some disposable nappy sacks into the pouch to take around with you. The pads are much less wasteful than a nappy and much easier to discreetly dispose of in a bin in the toilets.


* Dry Like Me Ltd. Survey of 30 Health Professionals, March 2012.