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The smart way to potty train

By adding an absorbent layer to children's favourite pants, Dry Like Me pads give them extra confidence and reduce the everyday challenges of potty training.
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Dry Like Me potty training pads were developed by busy working Mums Jude and Di who know that the key to successful potty training is in helping your child to learn their bodily cues to go to the toilet so that when they do have those little accidents, they start to understand and react to what's happening.

Dry Like Me are available to buy online in 3 varieties for every step of your potty training journey...

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The extra absorbent layer in your child's favourite 'proper pants' gives them more confidence and helps you by reducing the stress and mess of the potty training process. Trials show that the pads are an excellent potty training tool because they help children to feel when they have had an accident which in turn leads them to understand the signs that they needed to go to the toilet.