10 indoor activities if you’re potty training over half term

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August 31, 2017
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10 indoor activities if you’re potty training over half term

One of the first rules of potty training is to clear your diary and hunker down for the long haul.

Stock up with your potty training essentials, arm yourself with your tools (reward charts, apps, books etc), and get yourself ready for a dose of cabin fever.

A stint of intensive potty training without the interruptions of trips out or playdates can be the key to cracking potty training.

So with half term coming up, if you think your child is ready, you might be planning to start potty training.

But how do you stop yourself and your child going stir crazy?


Indoor activities if you’re starting to potty train

  1. Arts and crafts. Kids love making a mess (it’s a fact!). So why not offer simple arts and craft activities as a reward during potty training? We love this rainbow hand print painting and we guarantee your child will too!
  2. Cooking. Children love baking (and licking the bowl). Use the incentive of baking simple items like biscuits or cupcakes as a reward for trying hard at potty training.
  3. Jigsaws. These activities are great for learning through play. Help them to develop their fine motor skills and spacial awareness, but also reward them for potty training successes.
  4. Reading. This works both on and off the potty. Reading books on the potty or toilet can be a great distraction if they are less keen to give it a go. Often children don’t realise how long they have been sat on if they lose themselves listening to a story!
  5. Threading. All you need for this activity is a shoelace or some string and anything you can thread e.g. pasta, beads, cereal hoops etc. They will love it and it can keep them distracted for ages.
  6. Role play. Swap roles so that they assume the position of parent and you the child. Ask them to explain the potty training process to you (the child) – it can be a great way to assess if they have taken much in. It’s also a great way to let off steam as you have a tantrum and watch their reaction!
  7. Cut and stick. Give them a magazine and glue stick, and with your supervision ask them to make a collage. If you want to really get their interest, give them a toy catalogue and offer them something as a reward once the potty training holy grail has been achieved.
  8. Treasure hunt. Think up a list of 10 items around the house and ask them to hunt them down. You can make this even more relevant if you ask them to find your potty training items such as seat, pants, hand sanitiser gel, toilet roll etc.
  9. Load up the apps. There are a number of apps available for most phones and tablets that can help both with potty training, but also to help entertain your toddler. Look for preschool apps such as memory games, colouring, phonics or even potty training apps.
  10. Movie time. At the end of a long week, reward yourself and your child with a bit of time out. Crack open the popcorn, let them pick a movie and snuggle up together to *hopefully* celebrate potty training success (no matter how big or small).

Hang in there…

We wish you a successful week and remember that wine and/or chocolate is most certainly part of the parents’ potty training toolkit.

Good luck!


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