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10 years of no more nappies

Our 10 year business anniversary

As the clock stuck midnight to mark the the new year, it dawned on us that 2018 was a momentous milestone.

10 whole years ago, Jude and Di came up with the concept of Dry Like Me. Just like that, sitting around our dining table sharing a glass of wine.

Full of initial excitement, they optimistically registered the patent application in 2008 to bring their potty training idea to life.

Things inevitably took a little longer to get started back then. Young children, full-time jobs, and busy households meant that life was pretty hectic.

So after a few years of fact-finding, planning, sourcing materials, designing, and setting up distributors amongst other things, they were ready to go.

Jude and Di began selling Dry Like Me potty training pads in 2010.

The motivation behind the brand

Dry Like Me came about after Jude’s eldest son began having trouble potty training.

Tearing her hair out as to how she could get him out of nappies, Jude came up with an idea. The thought was to place a sort of sanitary towel small enough to fit inside a child’s own pants. This would hopefully catch an accident but also help him to understand the feeling of wetness.

It was virtually a ‘light bulb’ moment! He started to recognise his own bodily cues of needing to go, and of course the uncomfortable feeling of being damp that is masked so well by nappies.

Since then, they have done lots of testing, launched complementary Early Days and Night Time pads, written a book, launched a TV advert, worked with well-known celebrities and partnered with charities, winning award after award along the way.

As a result, you can now buy Dry Like Me potty training pads worldwide.

Setting your mind to something and going to get it

Jude and Di have worked hard (and networked hard!) to get to where they are today. A large part of their success though is down to their drive and determination.

As new Mums, it’s easy to lose your identity and give up a career you’ve work so hard for prior to having children. It’s also hard not to give into the Mum guilt and think you shouldn’t have ambition for your own personal goals.

Jude and Di weren’t willing to accept that parenthood meant they couldn’t also be successful in business.

They’d just have to take a leap of faith, dust themselves down after a few knocks, and make it work for them.

In the last 10 years, launching and running Dry Like Me has taught them some very valuable lessons. They have acquired an abundance of business knowledge but also mentored other women through The Prince’s Trust to help them achieve their dreams.

So if you have an idea but think feel overwhelmed at what’s involved in making it a reality, here are some tips from our co-founder, Di to give you a bit of inspiration.

Di said:

Find a business partner, it makes the good times more fun and you can help each other through the tough times.

Get as many opinions as you can but don’t be afraid to make your own final decisions.

It doesn’t need to be 100% perfect first time.

Don’t be afraid of being told no. Every no is a step towards a yes, isn’t it?

Resilience is key but set yourself goals and if it isn’t working ask yourself why and if you can make the changes necessary to carry on. Then keep going.

When business planning, double your costs and half your sales and if it still works you have a business!

Trust your gut.



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