My child hates public toilets

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Night time potty training and bedwetting
20th May 2016
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Getting your child to wee on the potty
26th May 2016
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My child hates public toilets

potty training sos

We asked our Facebook Likers to post their potty training worries and allow other parents who had experienced the same thing t0 offer solutions as part of a ‘Potty Training SOS’ series.

Here’s what you had to say…

“My daughter is 3 and won’t poop anywhere else but home and it’s getting bad she is very constipated then when she finally goes she is crying and screaming. It breaks my heart but she won’t listen when I say it’s ok to poop anywhere that isn’t home and no one has to know.”

Kiri: When out and about make sure you need to poop so you can show her that it’s fine to do so and hopefully she will follow your example.  I’m lucky and that my daughter cottoned on that if mummy goes then it’s fine. Good luck and I hope you can get the help you need.

Jacqueline:  I cant offer help but know how you feel. My lil girl has suffers constipation since birth and is 3 next week.


Tanya: What about taking a fold up seat with you, so she’s sitting on the same seat? Or headphones with music as a distraction? (If I had to pee at work and someone was in the next cubicle I would put my fingers in my ears so not to hear).

Tracy: My little is funny about where she goes so I take a potty which she is comfortable using anywhere. My mum tells me I was the same.

Gemma: My little boy will only poo if he is at home or Nanny and Grandad’s (both sets), and if we go on holiday it takes a day but will never go if at shops or anything. 

Colleen: Witholding is common in young children. If it becomes a problem see your GP.


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