My child has started having toilet accidents – Potty training regression

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My child has started having toilet accidents – Potty training regression

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Potty training regression – the whats and whys

Believe it or not, a fully potty trained child can start to have accidents seemingly for no reason.

This potty training regression is very common and can be completely confusing for both the parents and the child.
Why does potty training regression happen?

It’s totally normal for children to experience some form of potty training regression. Whether it’s because of a change in circumstances such as starting a new school or nursery, having a new baby in the house, or even just becoming so immersed in a task, toilet accidents can happen.

The thing to remember, is that it’s not always technically regression. It could be that the child is not fully potty trained. A child that is potty trained completely will ask to go on the potty because they know that’s where they do their business. So a child that has an accident because they left it too late to ask, isn’t regressing. They just need reminding of the routine and to allow enough time to make it to the potty or toilet.

A child on the other hand that has started having accidents every day is probably earlier in the process and may not be fully ready.

What should I do when my child experiences potty training regression?

The key is to not overreact. Showing disappointment can unnerve your child and make them feel anxious about the whole thing. That can actually be more damaging to the process than the actual accident itself.

Our advice in times of potty training regression is to:
– Stay calm
– Try to identify the cause – what has happened, are there triggers, have there been any changes in the environment or circumstances?
– Revisit and reestablish the potty training routine
– Reintroduce a potty training reward system – download your free potty training reward chart here

We hope that helps! Good luck.


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