Does your child ask to have their nappy changed?

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November 9, 2017
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Does your child ask to have their nappy changed?


When we speak to a lot of parents, they often ask the same question:

How do I know if my child is ready to potty train?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple answer; all children are different.

And as you’ve probably already worked out they tend to do things according to their own schedules and timescales.

So how do you tell?

As part of our toileting advice, we talk a lot about spotting the signs of readiness to potty train.

These include both physical and emotional factors such as being able to understand simple instructions and take their trousers down themselves.

There is one other point to look for when it comes to working out if your child is ready to potty train though…

Asking to be changed

This might not need to be as exact as it sounds – especially if your child’s communication is still basic.

The point is though, that they display an awareness that they have a full nappy or have done a poo or are feeling uncomfortable in a soiled nappy.

It may be as simple as pulling at their nappy, or even taking it off themselves if they can’t verbalise that they want to be changed.

This awareness is a great first step towards understanding the process of toileting behaviour.

Nappies (even the pants style pull on ones) do a great job at masking wet accidents. They are just so absorbent that often the child often won’t even know that they have done anything.

Starting to experience the feeling of going or of a nappy feeling ‘yucky’ is real progress to understanding their own bodily cues and starting to learn the process of potty training.

Further reading

Did you know that you can sign up for our FREE potty training programme?

We’ll guide you through each stage of preparing to potty train, to taking the nappy off, right through to saying ‘goodbye’ to nappies for good!

You can also read more about when’s best to start toilet training, and a good potty training routine.


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