Going swimming whilst potty training

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July 26, 2017
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August 2, 2017
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Going swimming whilst potty training

Have you ever arrived at the swimming pool only to be told that it was closed due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’?

If you don’t already know, those unforeseen circumstances often relate to a rogue poo in the pool from another child.

Yes, really. 

So when it comes to potty training out of the house, how on earth do you avoid toileting accidents in the swimming pool?

Luckily we asked an expert.

Bernadette Spofforth, CEO (and mum of 3) of baby swimwear brand Splash About, has shared her wisdom with us.

Tips for a trip to the swimming pool when potty training

Wear a swim nappy?

Once you are in the throws of potty training, it seems like a backward step to ask your toddler to wear a swim nappy. However statistics show that newly potty-trained toddlers are the biggest cause of unwelcome faecal accidents in the pool. Not to undo any good work, Splash About has created Splash Jammers. These sporty swim shorts have all the protection and reassurance of our swim school approved leak-proof Happy Nappy but in a more grown up design.

Splash Jammers bridge the gap between swim nappy and swimwear, so as a parent you are not stressed or left red-faced and apologetic for any pool accidents. If you’re relaxed in the water, your child will be too.

Splash Jammers

Keeping warm in the water

Sometimes children who love their swimming lessons suddenly develop a dislike of the water. As parents we often put this down to change. They may use the excuse of wanting you to take them to the toilet as a good ‘get out’ card.

Before you forego your weekly swim session check that they are not cold. Swim teachers tell us 9 out of 10 toddlers will cry because they are cold – even in warm pools. This is because they aren’t as active in the water. A warm child is a happy child, so it may be time to invest in a wetsuit.

Transitioning to the changing rooms

child swimmingTransitioning from the pool to a chilly changing room with a tired toddler can often seem like a race against time to get them warm and dry. If there was ever a time they may forget to ask you to take them to the toilet, it could be in the rush of getting them out, showered and changed.

Invest in a good changing mat to keep them warm. Splash About’s anti-bacterial changing mat has a non slip backing so is safe to use on all surfaces and as the name implies it’s made from soft heat-reflecting foam which is naturally anti-bacterial. Crucially it doesn’t absorb water so it makes the job of getting your little one warm and dressed much easier. We have also made it longer than regular changing mats so mum can kneel on the end too!


Having a favourite toy is a great distraction technique to for speeding up the dressing process. Also taking a warming snack for post-swimming can keep them occupied. We also recommend timing your swimming lessons pre nap as babies and toddlers benefit from good sleep post-swimming.

You can find out more about Splash About and baby swimming tips on the Splash About website.

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