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March 1, 2016
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Good hygiene in potty training

wash hands

When it comes to potty training, the routine is almost as important as the success of ‘doing one’s business’ on the potty or toilet – especially with toddlers where it need to be repeated and reinforced so that they fully understand it.

So obviously, hygiene is an important issue to tackle and (hopefully) accomplish as part of the process.

Hygiene in potty training is not just a matter of washing hands either…

Good hygiene in potty training

Disposing of the ‘goods’ – whether it’s pouring the contents of a potty away, flushing the toilet or putting the seat down, or cleaning the potty out, show your child the correct way to do it themselves.

Wipe the toilet seat – encourage your child to wipe the seat when they are done – chances are there may be a bit of spillage and removing surface germs with paper is a good habit to get into.

Wiping – teach your child how to wipe themselves properly. Remember that girls should always wipe front to back.

wash handsChanging pads or pants – in the event of any accidents or soiling, make sure you change your Dry Like Me pads or pants as soon as possible so that they don’t get any soreness or odour. Do this in the bathroom so that your child makes the connection with the toilet, and in some instances, bin them if they are too mushy!

Washing hands – make sure that hand washing is a key part of the routine. Use an antibacterial soap and warm water, scrub for 10-15 seconds and wiping thoroughly. Change the towel at least weekly.


Regular cleans – it is good practice to clean the potty or training seat with a bleach cleaning product after each session, but make sure it is completely dry before placing back onto carpet.

Not for playing – try to educate your child that little hands do not go down the toilet or into the potty! Keep the toilet lid down at all times!


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