Healthy eating during potty training

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Healthy eating during potty training

As the saying goes, you are what you eat

So it makes complete sense to think about your child’s diet even more when you are trying to potty train.

After all, what goes in must come out, so making sure your toddler is eating balanced foods will help to avoid constipated or runny tummies that can lead to a reluctance to ditch the nappy.

Children can become upset or scared of these types of poos in particular, but they can also lead to more mess and stress for you as they may be more prone to accidents and feeling generally unhappy.

Our top tips for getting your child to eat health foods during potty training

  • Make sure your kids have a wide and varied diet and eat lots of different coloured foods – lots of variety and everything in moderation with the odd treat here and there as rewards for potty training.
  • Kids love picnics, and they encourage them to eat healthy, raw fresh foods, which keeps the bladder and bowel healthy and so keeps potty training on track.
  • Keep them hydrated in the summer and when colds and flu are around – freeze fruit juices and smoothies into lollies to get lots of vitamins in!
  • Use the summer to encourage lots of healthy salad vegetables and crudités.
  • Try to how much squash your child drinks as these can contain caffeine or artificial sweeteners that can irritate the bladder.
  • Get your child to help to make their food – arrange carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, and peppers to look like a face on his plate, and cut food into pretty shapes etc.

Some ideas for healthy foods for your toddler:

  • Carrot, pepper & cucumber sticks
  • Chopped up cheese
  • Grapes and apple
  • Strawberries and raspberries
  • Kiwis to eat with a teaspoon
  • Pitta pockets
  • Homemade chocolate crispy cakes using wholewheat puffed rice

Use the image below to explain to your child how their body processes the food that they eat.

healthy eating in potty training


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