How often should we try the potty per day?

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July 19, 2017
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July 26, 2017
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How often should we try the potty per day?


Most days, on our Facebook and Twitter profiles, we are ask for potty training tips and advice.

We give recommendations based on our own experiences of potty training our own children, but also from research and expert advice that we’ve gained since we launched Dry Like Me.

But really, and we are sorry to say this, there is no magic pill for potty training.

There are trends and typical situations, but it’s important to remember that just like us adults, all children are different. And as we are all far too aware, toddlers have their own minds and often work on their terms!

So when it comes to the question of how often should we try the potty or toilet on an average day, there is also no magic number.

Potty training is a skill for your little one to learn

A skill they have never previously needed because nappies and pull-up pant style nappies are so good at absorbing those wees and poos.

For this reason, we always advice that if you think your child is ready to potty train, you do just go for it and throw the nappy away.

This means thought, that when you whip that nappy away, your child’s confidence in toileting can be fragile at the start of potty training.

They will be unsure of the potty or scared of the toilet, learning to listen to their bodily cues, and trying to understand expectations from the grown ups. So it’s important to toilet train gently, letting your child lead the way but using positive reinforcement to encourage and motivate your child.

You came here for advice on when to try your child on the potty though didn’t you?

Some tips of typical times to try the potty (or toilet)

  • First thing in the morning, or 15-20 minutes after their morning milk
  • Try them 15-30 minutes after eating
  • Always try before activities such as a car journey or nap
  • If he or she looks squirmy (starting to pull at their pants or doing a little wiggle)
  • If you spot the start of an accident, quickly pop them on the potty, cheering the way through it even if you miss the mess!
  • Just before bath time
  • 15-20 minutes before bed time



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