Make potty training your New Year’s resolution

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Make potty training your New Year’s resolution

Christmas is finally over and so this week sees us all taking a bump back to reality as we all head back to work, school or nursery.


Why not plan something achievable this year and put potty training the top of your New Year’s resolution list?

Planning to potty train isn’t like other ‘all or nothing’ New Year’s resolution. This one will take time, patience, perseverance, and heck, maybe even the odd wine to get over a day’s worth of accidents (yes, that’s OK too).

You need to remember that success will depend upon your child’s readiness for potty training. It may take some time if they are not quite ready in January, so don’t worry if this resolution is checked off later in the year rather than by 1st February.

Our 3 key tips for keeping on track with this resolution are:

  1. Establish your potty training routine and keep on top of it. We recommend starting from scratch and teaching your child the basics of using a potty or toilet, and make sure you teach them the importance of hygiene.
  2. Make sure you are prepared. Get your child’s input into choosing ‘big’ pants, a potty, wipes and other potty training essentials such as a step stool, toilet seat and Dry Like Me potty training pads.
  3. Don’t be put off. Accidents happen – it’s all a part of the learning process. Don’t be discouraged or think that it’s an impossible task – it’s just normal behaviour. Learning to use the toilet or potty is a big skill for little ones to master, so just remember that they need time and understanding to listen to their bodies.


And remember, if they appear to regress at any point, take a breather, revisit the routine and just start again.

So make a fresh start to your potty training New Year and aim for something worthwhile – it’ll be worth it when you’ll be able to say ‘no more nappies’!


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