Night time potty training tips

potty training sos
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31st May 2016
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Night time potty training tips

potty training sos

We asked our Facebook Likers to post their potty training worries and allow other parents who had experienced the same thing t0 offer solutions as part of a ‘Potty Training SOS’ series.

Here’s what you had to say…

“Night time potty training?? Little girl fully trained by day since she was 23 months. Is now 2 years 9 months and has decided no more nappies for bed. I’m looking for helpful tips for night time training? I’m putting her on the potty in the middle of the night at the moment.”

Ann: Read lots of stories reinforcing fave characters using toilet and not nappies. Also, if hes not ready then dont force it.

Nadia: My daughter was dry before she was 2 (her choice) and last night (will be 4 in December) asked for no more pull ups at bed time. I have a mattress protector and special absorbent sheet under her, and just going with the flow. As it was her idea I feel she thinks she’s ready. So no actual advice other than if she’s ready, she’s ready.

Gemma: Afraid no real advice but I think it’s just a case of seeing what happens. My little boy was dry at night same time as dry in day – he has just turned 4 now and has been dry day and night for a year. In that time we have had 3 night time accidents – that’s all. I don’t restrict drinks and never wake him in night to go – if they are ready then it will happen.

Carys: No real advice, like the other ladies have said, if they are ready it will happen! I waited for my oldest 2 to tell me when they were ready. I never woke them in the night to go wee as they would wake themselves which I think is better or they may get lazy and rely on you all the time! Just get a mattress protector and go with your child’s pace! Good luck!

Kelly: My little boy was in pull ups for 12 months and for the last 3 months he has been completely dry, so this week we have stopped putting pull ups, put a mattress absorbent sheet on his bed, and his potty in his room in case he needs to go. We take him to the toilet before we go to bed and encourage him that if he needs to go to shout me and I will help him. So far so good – night 3 last night and not one accident, but he can pee for England when we wake in the morning! Good luck I’m sure if she is ready everything will be fine.

Emma: I would reduce or stop her fluid intake an hour before bed, make her go before she goes to bed, maybe start by lifting her before you go to bed and then gradually stop lifting her. It worked for us and we had few accidents at night when my son was 2. Kids will wet the bed though – it happens – my 5 year old did it a while ago but that was because he drank too much before bed and was obviously in a deep sleep. Please be aware it can take upto a year to be dry at night, some children take to it really easily and some struggle. Stick to your routine and don’t get upset if she wets the bed. I would steer clear of pull ups because they feel like a nappy to them and she might become lazy, and I would get a pad to put underneath the sheets to protect the mattress and absorb any accidents. Good luck!

Sophie: My little girl decided no more nappies at night and just goes for a wee before bed at 8pm. We did initially leave her her potty by the side of the bed to reassure her that she could go on her own and also she now 4 has got it into her head that if she doesn’t wear knickers at night she will have an accident. Been dry at night since she was 2.5 years and never used the potty, but does run to us if she needs a wee post bed time which is rare. Definitely not woken her up to wee in the night…! Sleep is good!

Michelle: I found that reducing the amount of liquid in the afternoons and increasing toilet trips helped.

June: Becoming dry at night is down to physiological maturation of the bladder and kidneys which happens between the ages of 2-5 years and usually just happens naturally after a few months of being dry in the day but can take longer. Making sure the child drinks plenty in the day and does a big wee before bed can help as well as leaving a potty by the bed. Incidentally, ‘lifting’ at night is not really encouraged as there is some thought that it interferes with normal bladder development and its ability to hold on to wee all night and as most times the child is half asleep it actually encourages the child to wee when asleep – the very thing we don’t want the child to do!

Kate: My little boy decided the same. He was 30 months and I just let him and fair play to him he was dry every night. M little girl is 27 months and still wears a pull up and 95% of the time she’s dry but I do get that odd morning when it’s wet but she doesn’t mind wearing a pull up as we call it a pull up nappy. Just go with how your little one feels.

Fiona: My son is 3 and a half, been dry at night for about 4-5 months I think. Not too much fluids after tea, toilet before bed, we were originally getting him up once during the night for toilet (before going to bed ourselves) and we used absorbent bed pads under his sheet just in case. Also speaking positively about it ‘lets try to have a dry night ‘instead of ‘don’t wet the bed’ seemed to help.


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