Part 2 – Exhaustion

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June 30, 2014
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September 1, 2014
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Part 2 – Exhaustion

Lack of sleep! We all know how awful that feels. Night-time potty training can be much feared by parents, who have probably only just got used to a full night ‘s sleep!


The trick here is be prepared.


Potty training is just that – so expect accidents. Anything that fully prevents accidents is in effect not helping your child get through this stage. Training nappies just mean your child can continue to wee in bed, with the nappy capturing the accident not teaching them to wake up and find the toilet.


Achieving a change in behavoiur, when a child is sleepy, can be tricky, and there will definitely be some nights when you will need to leap into action. Make things easier by:


  • Protecting the mattress, with a bed mat, or waterproof sheets.
  • Keep a potty close to hand, or make sure the bathroom is easy to access for your child.
  • Keep spare bedding, and pyjamas in the room so a quick change can be affected.
  • Lift a potty training child onto the toilet (a dream wee!) in the early days when you go to bed, to give them the best chance of sleeping through.
  • Try not to get cross, this can frighten your child into not wanting to progress.
  • Conversely don’t engage in happy banter either – your child might like the idea of a midnight cuddle and chat appealing!



The celebs in the jungle complain of boredom and filling their time. Doing the same thing all the time becomes boring – for kids and us. This is true of both keeping up a potty training routine AND the reward systems around it.


  • Keep kids interest by changing the way you incentivise and reward them.
  • Try and tap into what your child is interested in and be flexible to change your strategies to keep up with their changing interests.
  • We have found that long reward charts often can’t keep the interest of a young child, and instant rewards – a small treat or a sticker, can work really well.


Being voted out!

The celebs all hate being voted out – no one likes rejection and not being listened to! As a parent we can often feel like our words are falling on deaf ears, and it can appear we are being actively ignored. 


This can make us frustrated and angry. This is guaranteed to put a halt in your potty training progress.


Take a tip from the celebs in the jungle who are chilling on their hammocks, and take a step back (but not a step backwards.)


  • Remember that you WILL get there, your child WILL achieve potty training, but may not be in any hurry to move to the next stage because they just aren’t ready.
  • Keep up your routine, and don’t go backwards, but sometimes a little pause at the stage you are at, means that after a week or so they will be ready to try again at the next step. 
  • Take the issue off the table – they will too! Don’t talk about it, or mention it. Just take some time out!


Hope that all helps – at the end of the day I would still rather be a parent than face all the critters in the jungle – eugh!

Jude x




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