Reading potty training books as part of National Storytelling Week

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Reading potty training books as part of National Storytelling Week

how to potty train book

We all know that learning to read is a vital skill for our children to master as they grow.

Reading is their gateway to learning any subject at a young age. In later life it can be their key to successful employment, relationships and much more.

How does story time help with early years development?

The stories we read to our children, and eventually they begin to read for themselves can shape their view of the world.

Driven by routine, nursery settings, and home life, they will have their norms of what they are used to. The lives of young children may not deviate much. This stability is not bad though; it is crucial to maintaining good toileting, eating and sleeping patterns.

Stories can open up and enrich their lives though. Far-flung places, imaginative worlds, surprising people and new situations can enhance understanding and creativity.

Children can even find that stories help them to work out how to handle situations in reality.

National Story Telling Week 2018

For the last 24 years, The Society For Storytelling has been celebrating the tradition of storytelling.

This year, National Storytelling Week falls between 27th January to 3rd February and we’re fully on board with the power of story time – particularly as an aid for potty training.

Story telling in potty training

There are a number of ways that storybooks can assist the potty training process.

Stories can be offered as part of a potty training reward system for ‘toilet time’. This can be particularly useful if you are struggling to motivate your little one onto the potty or toilet. The simple promise of a story afterwards can both incentivise progress but is also free! You could even offer a new storybook at the end of a good week to celebrate on going progress.

We always recommend books in our potty training essentials toolkit. Books to keep your child entertained whilst sitting on the potty can be the key to keeping them there and taking their attention away from any anxiety they may have. As soon as they relax, nature can take over.

Telling stories that explain a good potty training routine can also help a child to make sense of what is being expected of them.

Our ‘How to Potty Train’ book does exactly that. The first half of the book is aimed at parents with charts, planners and tips, whereas the second half of is designed specifically for children. It aims to help parents and children easily work together through potty training in five easy to manage steps. With beautifully illustrated stories to help encourage the right toilet training behaviours and free stickers, they can use the same brain activity used to understand fiction to make the leap to potty training in the real world.

And finally, in the same way that establishing a good potty training routine is key to success, story time as part of the bedtime routine when starting to tackle night time potty training. Offer a story before or after a wee to settle your little one into their bed, making it a consistent end to the day. Think,”wees, teeth, stories and night night”.

You can buy our How to Potty Train book on Amazon.


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