Should you compare your child’s toileting to others?

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Should you compare your child’s toileting to others?

It’s a thing that us parents just do.

We compare bumps and symptoms during pregnancy, and discuss our babies milestones as they start to roll, sit up, crawl and walk.

But as they get older, should we compare the toileting behaviours of our little ones?

Potty training to a schedule

We strongly suggest that you don’t put any extra pressure on your child (or yourself) to potty train to a schedule.

Yes, we say that typically a child will start to show the signs of readiness between the ages of 2-3 years, but that’s all it is; an average.

Some children start earlier, some start later. It really does depend on the individual child.

Potty training is a learned skill. It depends on the physical and emotional abilities of a child, and also the maturity of the bladder.

And don’t forget the will of the child! Like adults, children all have their own minds and will do things according to their own plan.

The dangers of comparing against others

By comparing your potty training practices to others, you risk actually affecting it negatively.

If you start too early, you may end up having multiple attempts and also losing their interest.

If you start too late, the child will be older and more aware that using a potty or toilet is not as convenient as using a nappy and not having to stop play.

As a parent, you will also drive yourself crazy and potentially set unrealistic expectations, which will disappoint your both.

Potty training is hard enough as it is. Don’t give yourself any additional stress by trying to encourage your child out of nappies if they are not ready. Not just because another child of a similar age is already dry.

You can always use other potty trained children as an example for your child to follow, but we thoroughly recommend waiting until they show an interest.

Just wait until you think they are ready and tackle it head on at that point. By doing this, the chances are they will get it quicker anyway.

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