Theo Paphitis inspired us to develop our TV campaign

Filming our TV advert
20th April 2015
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It’s time to say no to nappies and yes to proper pants!
27th April 2015
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Theo Paphitis inspired us to develop our TV campaign

TheoAwardLast year we won a Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday award and one of the perks of winning the award is that we can attend their annual conference and the fantastic opportunity to see Theo and other successful business people tell their story. In addition there is plenty of time to network with the other winners.

It was this combination of the infectious enthusiasm of all the winners and the wisdom passed on from Theo Paphitis and the other guest speaker entrepreneurs that really inspired us to take the leap and develop a nationwide TV campaign.

Judy Naake, the lady behind the highly successful StTropez brand, was very inspirational as she told a similar story to our own in terms of having a new product that has been proven to work well, but that needs more awareness to gain traction in the mass market. We were surprised that she only employed 10 people and her story wasn’t one of glamour and an instant rise to fame and fortune. Instead she worked tirelessly, over many years and this together with her passion for her product resulted in her success. Hearing Judy tell her story gave us the boost that we needed to keep driving the business forwards.

After the event, we decided that the optimal plan was to commit to the considerable cost of a nationwide advertising campaign to raise awareness of the product and drive sales to the next level. We worked with Wolverhampton based Creative Agency, Connect who developed the advert titled, Little Miss Smartie Pants. The aim from the outset was to create an advert that would both capture the attention of mums and appeal to young children.

It’s early days, but the response to the advert has been fantastic and we are hopeful it is helping Mums find us and is ultimately helping more children get out of nappies and into proper pants.



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