Ways to make Mum’s day this Mothering Sunday

Pancake Day – A flippin’ good reward for potty training success
February 12, 2018
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Ways to make Mum’s day this Mothering Sunday

What’s your take on Mother’s Day?

Making a splash and spoiling your Mum rotten, or showing your love in a more low-key way?

Whichever you (and your Mum prefer), we think all Mums are truly special and deserve a little acknowledgement on Mothering Sunday.

5 ways to make Mum smile without breaking the bank

Make her a homemade card. There’s no excuse for not giving Mum a card when you can make your own. This is especially lovely for Mums of young children and one she’s sure to want to keep in the memory box. Check out some of these ideas.

Create a keepsake. If your child attends nursery, it’s likely that they will come up with something for Mum, but if they don’t, check out some of these ideas for keepsakes. Pinterest is full of easy and inexpensive ideas of keepsakes for toddlers to make, and also help with their sensory development for Mum to treasure, So it’s win win!

Let her have a lie in. All Mums know that the really important things in life are free. Like sleep! Mums across the land will love their partners forever if they take the kids downstairs (or out early) to give them a lie in for a few extra precious hours.


Take her breakfast in bed. Children love having jobs and planning secret activities, so why not get them involved in the process of taking Mum brekkie in bed? Get the kids to choose what Mum will like the day before and enjoy the treat of all sharing breakfast in bed together.

Tell her you love her. If you’re reading this as a grown up and forgotten about Mother’s Day, the answer is simple; just call Mum and tell her you love her. For little ones, a particularly cuddly day with no tantrums will be a sure fire way for her to feel loved!


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