What type of blogger are you?

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What type of blogger are you?


Do you know the different types of bloggers?

Typically, having a blog usually means that you write posts for your own site.

But that’s not the only way you can become a blogger.

Put simply, the term ‘blog’ means

Blog: a log of articles posted to a regularly updated website written in an informal style, either personal or commercial. 

How you choose to create those articles though, is up to you.

Types of bloggers

Traditional blogger. If you follow the traditional route, you could write posts for your own blog site that you will need to set up and maintain regularly. Platforms like wordpress.org and wordpress.com, Blogger or Wix are favourite choices.

Vlogger. If being stuck behind a computer isn’t your thing, but the camera is, you could be a ‘vlogger’. This means that you create short videos of ‘how to’ guides, product reviews or opinion pieces and publish them regularly. YouTube is the most popular choices for vlogging so take a look around to see what others are doing.

 Instablogger. This term is to describe sites like Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest which provide quick-fix content creation and dissemination. Rather than writing a long post, Instablogging enables you to build content and communities quickly.

Microblogger. This form of blogging allows the sharing of small elements of content such as short sentences, images or video link content. These are popular on Facebook and Twitter where pages share out content without having to actually create it themselves, such as sharing articles on a topic as a news source.

So when you are considering starting a blog, don’t worry too much that you’ll need to be a wordsmith or technical expert to create lots of content. There’s sure to be a form of blogging out there to suit you.

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