Making potty training fun: Potty training games

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11th April 2017
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Making potty training fun: Potty training games

Introducing potty training games

Children don’t usually like to stop whatever they are playing with if it’s fun.

When it comes to potty training, it’s really important that they don’t get distracted by what they are doing. They need to listen to their bodily cues to go to the toilet or accidents can easily happen.

Turning the TV off or taking away their toys so that they can concentrate will not go down well though!

And trying to explain this to a toddler will be tricky.
We’ve compiled our favourite games that you can make potty training fun for your child.

Keeping your child engaged will be the key to success – especially if they are particularly strong-willed!

Tip! Keep track of your child’s fluid intake and toileting patterns to spot when they might need to go next. Start playing these games when you think a movement might be imminent.

5 potty training games to get you started

  • Race you to the potty! – This is a favourite in our house when it comes to lots of tasks (getting dressed, eating meals, tidying up etc.). The idea is that you ‘dare’ or race the child to complete a task. For example, asking ‘do you think that you can pull your underwear down and sit on the potty by the time I count to 5?’. This also helps with counting practice. If this doesn’t interest them, try a ‘who do you think will get there first?’ approach.
  • Can you find…? – Children love treasure hunts and little challenges. Give them a bag or basket and ask them to search around the house to see if they can find all of the items in your potty training toolkit.

Here’s a reminder of what they could look for:

  • Fill your own fun bag – Each time they try to have a try or are successful, give them an item to put inside a bag. The items can be linked e.g. one of their toy cars or animals, or to play with later. You could pack a bag item by item for a fun activity at the end of the week.
  • Role play – Using a toy potty or plastic bowl, place the ‘potty’ next to your child’s. Allow them to pick a doll or soft toy and get them to show their little friend how they need to sit on the potty. You could also give them some spare underwear and tissues so that they can learn how to undress and wipe after they have finished.
  • Try some apps – We don’t usually advocate taking your device to the bathroom, but for little ones a fun app can help them to learn what to do. There are lots of free potty training apps available on most phones or tablets. Check your phone’s app store or look on YouTube for potty training videos to help make it more fun.

What potty training games do you play?



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