How do Dry Like Me potty training pads work?

Dry Like Me – The Smarter Way to Potty Train

The award-winning Dry Like Me takes a new, smarter approach to toilet training. By adding an absorbent layer to your child’s favourite pants, it gives them extra confidence and helps to reduce the challenges of potty training.

how to use Dry Like Me potty training padsWhen placed in the child’s pants, Dry Like Me pads help them recognise their body’s clues for the loo, so when they do have little accidents, they begin to understand (and react to) what’s happening. It’s this increased awareness that holds the key to making real progress.

That seems to be one of the problems with nappies and pull ups. A number of healthcare professionals are of the opinion that pull ups and nappies offer children very little incentive to staying dry as there’s need for them to change their learned behaviour.

And as Dry Like Me reduces the stress of the occasional mess, you can be more relaxed, which naturally allows your little one to feel happier and more confident.

Using Dry Like Me

Dry Like Me pads are suitable for children of all ages. The top sheet is soft and the thin pads are comfortable. When wetness occurs it’s quickly absorbed into the core, leaving the top sheet feeling dry, so there’s no irritation. The child becomes aware of the extra weight of the damp pad and this helps them recognise they’ve had an accident.

Unlike nappies, which are constructed to cope with larger volumes, Dry Like Me pads are designed more to give you a little extra time to react when your child needs the loo.


The pads can be worn in different ways:

  • At the front – for capturing wee
  • At the back – to take care of poo
  • Both ways together

The top sheet has small holes in it to help trap poo and keep it away from the body when the pants are removed. Helping you manage – and helping your little one master the challenges of potty training – that’s Dry Like Me!

Which Dry Like Me potty training pads are right for my child?

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