Night Time

Night Time

Dry Like Me Night Time contain 14 soft and comfortable disposable pads with an extra absorbent layer to enable potty training to continue at night.

Dry Like Me Night Time are available to buy online for the first step in your potty training adventure...

Amazon Reviews

By Sylvi on 10 Feb. 2014
"After I read some of the reviews I was not sure if I should give the product a go or not. After all I thought all children are different and after trying the early days with a success I have ordered the night ones too. I have to say the night pad is nothing like night time nappies but it did the job for my daughter. I would recommend it for the night accidents not 'bed wetting' . Would also say the night-time does exactly what is say on a says "perfect for little accidents"."

By Lisa Walkden on 12 Nov. 2013
"I bought the day time pads for my son previously but these pads are much more absorbent than the orange, day time ones."

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