Your potty training questions: Answered

We are asked a lot of potty training questions both through our Facebook and Twitter communities, as well as by email and personal messages.

We try to offer as much advice as we can, but sometimes even we don’t know the answers to all of them.

Whilst we have had our own children and probably experienced a lot of the same potty training woes as our customers, we won’t have encountered everything that we’re asked about. In this situation, we tend to reach out to the experts at ERIC to offer their invaluable support.

We also realise that although we are just a few ‘normal Mums’ deep down too, people don’t always want to hear what a ‘company’ has to say about a personal matter like potty training struggles.

So ‘ping’ went out lightbulbs and we thought we would enlist the help of our Facebook Likers to post their potty training worries and allow other parents who had experienced the same thing t0 offer solutions as part of a ‘Potty Training SOS’ series.

We will post these questions individually over time, offering you a wide range of questions and potty training ideas to help.

If you have any other questions you’d like us to ask our social media communities, please post it in the comments below or email us on