Week 2 – Going for it

Taking the potty by the horns!

This week we are going to take the nappy off and start potty training in earnest! It is important to remember all the good foundation that have been put in place over the last week, such as following a good routine.

The golden rule for this week is to take the nappy off and do not be tempted to put it back on. It can confuse your child when they are just starting out, and it can also make them believe that they have a choice.

If the leap is too great, use Dry Like Me pads to help to capture the mess and remove the temptation to put the nappy back on. Toilet training is all about learning to hold on, and to listen to the body’s signals. It’s not an easy skill to master though and can be stressful for children too.

This week's activities...

July 26, 2017

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