What are the differences between the potty training pads?

Early days potty training padsStarting out with Early Days

Early Days potty training pads are the right ones to start with as they are bulkier and more absorbent. As your child has an accident, the pads become more uncomfortable which will help them to recognise that something very different is happening compared to wearing a nappy and incentivise faster learning.


Original potty training padsMove onto Original Dry Like Me

Move to the Original pads once your child has started to get the hang of it, and/or for ongoing accidents while out and about.  The original pads have less absorbency but because of their construction are better at being worn for longer dryer periods. They are also great for popping in the back of pants to protect against soiling or little poo accidents.


Night time potty training padsEnd with Night Time Dry Like Me

Dry Like Me Night Time pads should be used once day time potty training has been achieved, and when your child is ready to say goodbye to nappies during sleep. This is a whole separate stage and often occurs a while after a child is dry in the day, so these help to provide a supportive layer as the bladder begins to learn this final step.


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